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Industrial Air Filter

Air filtration is essential in industrial settings to trap environmental impurities, improve air quality, and stabilize product quality. Industries are familiar with pollutants such as dust, fumes, and smoke; however, they need a proper industrial air filter which affects the longevity of machinery and the quality of end products. By using the right industrial air filter, you'll be able to improve the production environment and protect the precision facility from hazardous fumes, gases, dust, and airborne contaminants. No matter what kind of industrial air filter you want, Cooca has you covered. Contact Cooca to choose your suitable Industrial Air Filter.

  • Deep pleat HEPA filter

    Deep pleat HEPA filters, also called separate HEPA filters, are the most reliable HEPA filters. They can provide large air flow rate and keep low resistance at the same time, double metal mesh grille protect filter media from damage during transportation or installation. Cooca deep pleat HEPA filter...
  • Gel seal HEPA filter

    Gel seal HEPA filter has the characteristics of good sealing, low resistance, large amount of dust capacity, high efficiency, etc.
  • V bank filter

    The filter material of the V bank filter is the best water-resistant glass fiber filter paper, and there is no baffle pleated paper process.
  • Panel filter

    The four corners of the 46mm thick plate filter commonly used are plastic connectors, which have good sealing performance and avoid the hidden danger of personal injury caused by the sharp corners formed by the seam during installation, removal and cleaning.
  • Pocket filter

    It is made of filament chemical fiber without static electricity, with stable efficiency, reasonable structure, low resistance and long service life.
  • High temperature filter

    Metal profile outer frame is adopted, which is corrosion resistant and high temperature resistant.
  • Activated carbon filter

    Applications in medical, industrial waste gas,civil air purifiers, automotive filter elements, air conditioners, etc.
  • Metal air filters

    The metal mesh filter has the advantages of large air volume, small resistance, repeated cleaning and long service life.
  • Paint Booth filter

    Paint Booth filter is a graduated density glass media specially developed to capture paint overspray and prevent it from being discharged into the atmosphere. Thanks to its high shape stability, and low resistance, It is suitable for collecting all types of paint mist, irrespective of the solvent ty...