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Activated carbon filter
Applications in medical, industrial waste gas,civil air purifiers, automotive filter elements, air conditioners, etc.
Product Detail

Activated carbon filter Characteristic

未标题-2_03.png 1. The activated carbon is made from coconut shell, and has tetrachlorination activity of more than 60%.

未标题-2_03.png2. The activated carbon filter has 100% surface adsorption capacity.

未标题-2_03.png3. The outer frame can be made of waterproof cardboard, galvanized iron frame or aluminum frame and stainless steel.

未标题-2_03.png4. According to the environmental requirements, different materials and activated carbon materials can be selected, such as activated carbon particles, non-woven fabric, foam and plate type activated carbon filter.

Scope of application

Applications in medical, industrial waste gas,civil air purifiers, automotive filter elements, air conditioners, etc.

Activated carbon filter Product features:

未标题-2_03.png1. High efficient catalytic activated carbon with high specific surface area can adsorb harmful gases (TVOC) and particles invisible to the naked eye.

未标题-2_03.png 2.The deodorization efficiency can reach more than 95%.

未标题-2_03.png3. Different kinds of activated carbon can be assembled, such coconut shell carbon, etc.

未标题-2_03.png4. The formulation of activated carbon can be formulated to improve the performance of removing some harmful gases, such as formaldehyde, ammonia, benzene, etc.

未标题-2_03.png5. Bag type activated carbon filter

Performance characteristics:

未标题-2_03.pngThe filtration efficiency grade G3 ~ H13 is available

未标题-2_03.pngIt is made of activated carbon fiber and non-woven fabric, which can effectively remove all kinds of peculiar smell in the air

未标题-2_03.pngStrong adsorption capacity, high removal efficiency and reliable performance

未标题-2_03.pngEasy installation and maintenance, light weight, strong versatility

未标题-2_03.pngIt can be equipped with galvanized frame, aluminum alloy frame, plastic frame or stainless steel frame


未标题-2_03.pngActivated carbon filter can be widely used in various air conditioning and ventilation systems, and has the functions of dust removal and deodorization, which can effectively improve the indoor air quality.

未标题-2_03.pngThe replacement time depends on the frequency and location of use.

未标题-2_03.pngIf the filter equipment is often used in daily life and has high requirements for filtration, it can be replaced every 2 ~ 3 months. However, if the dust and pollution in the place of use is relatively less, it can be replaced every six months or so.

未标题-2_03.pngThe use time shall not exceed one year.

* Customized requirements are always acceptable.

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